C.W.F is a brand-new interactive e-fed that bases off of the RP/Promo system. Only one show at the moment, Full Force. You could pick male and female wrestlers variating from RAW, SmackDown, ECW, iMPACT, ROH & More! Also, Free Agents and CAWs are welcomed
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 ready for a beautiful storm?

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Christie Storme
Full Force Lady

PostSubject: ready for a beautiful storm?   Sat Mar 21, 2009 8:57 pm

[!]The Stats[!]

-Picture Apperance-

holly valance

-Real Name-
cassandra weber

-Ring Name-
christie storme

five feet six inches tall

one hundred twenty pounds

twenty-two years old

melbourne, australia

-Billed From-
seattle, washington

beautiful sultry diva


[!]Wrestling Information[!]

stilettos killer - spinning heel kick
beautiful disaster - double knee backbreaker

forward russian legsweep
hair-pull backbreaker
camel clutch
hair-pull mat slam
matrix evasion

-Theme Song-
girlfriend - dale oliver

generic/pink and blue lightening

-Entrance Descript-
“Girlfriend” by Dale Oliver slowly plays over the personal announce system as the lightening started to change up to pink and blue as soon as the sultry diva, Christie Storme came out from backstage. She stays at the top of the ramp as she holds on her Gucci bag which holds something in it. She stays up there for couple of seconds than finally walks her way down the steel ramp, looking directly at the person inside the ring as she had a cocky smirk upon her beautiful face. Christie finally made her way to the ring, putting her Gucci bag on the mat, grabbing onto the ropes, her arms on top of the rope as her upper body was underneath the first rope while the other off was on the outside of the ropes. Slowly she puts her right leg in the ring followed by her left leg and begins to pick up her Gucci bag, walking over to the ropes, leaning over it as her music started to die down.

it sucks lol sorry ):

[!]Sample RolePlay[!]

Please post a sample RP in here. You may post it within 3 days of posting your contract. You could post it here or after your contract. Whatever you feel comfortable with. This is just to decide what division to put you in.

[!]OOC Info[!]



united states of shithole

-How Did You Hear About Us-
head owner <3

Wanna be on top? Wanna be the next top diva in this industry? Well too bad ladies, there already is a top diva in this industry and it none other than Sojourner Bolt. Sojourner Bolt also known as the top ghetto girl in this business as come a long way since training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. She worked her way up on becoming the best diva ever in OVW and soon enough, she was finally signed to Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA). There she made her mark by becoming one of Awesome Kong’s friends, by joining the Kongtourage. Couple of months later of joining, she quickly left the group becoming one of Kong’s great foes but she never gotten that one on one chance to go up against her as she asked for her released and joined WWE Star Wrestling Organization. You still wanna be on top? Good luck with that white girl.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The scene opens up in the backstage arena of Monday Night Raw where you could see one of the newest diva that recently joined the roster, Sojourner Bolt where she was pointing and scream at some co-worker for being white! Sojourner Bolt was putting this girl in her place as the cameraman walked up closer, zooming on these two as it was clear on who she was yelling at and it was Lauren from TNA. Lauren was trying to defend herself by trying to yell over Sojourner, but that didn’t happened because everybody knows that you can’t out shout a black girl.

Look cracker; don’t ever try to interview me without my permission okay? I don’t know what kind diseases you white girls are carrying these days. You whitie spread your legs open more than my momma.

Come on Sojo, we both know that isn’t true. I just need to interview you about your match later on tonight.

Excuse me? Do you just say my momma is a slut!? Look b!tch, the only slut that is crawling around on all four is you. Beat it or I put you back in the dog pound where you rightfully belong and guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it because you’re not my momma. Also, don’t ever call me Sojo again!

Sojourner Bolt pushes Lauren up against the wall, accusing of her calling Sojourner’s mom a slut who she didn’t, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to pick a fight with Lauren for the fun of it. Lauren was now up against the wall, where as Sojourner was right up against her face, playfully tugging the pretty blonde hair with her hands and her fake nails.

Now go off and tell everybody that I’m back and that I’m nobody’s b!tch. You understand that? Good. Now beat it before I put you back in the dog pound.

Lauren left the scene away from Sojo as a smirk grew upon her face as the scene started to fade a black screen as the cameraman turns off the camera…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sojourner Bolt was seen in the locker room with her of her new allies, Layla, where both of them were putting on their wrestling attire for tonight. Both girls put on their ring attire where Sojourner is wearing golden-like pants, black bra top with a golden straps over it while Layla was wearing her signature black wrestling attire. Layla was admiring her beautiful self in the mirror, fixing her hair as they haven’t heard from Lena Yada in a while due to her training before her big match at Unforgiven.

Who is this Maria girl that I’ma goin’ face tonight? She better not look at me in the wrong way because if she does, I pop her off.

She’s that wannabe fashion designer, you know the one that designs and dressed up in the dark? She is almost bad as Kelly Kelly girl. Oh and Lena wanna me to tell you to take her out so she can have gold around her waist at Unforgiven.

Who does she think she is? My momma? She isn’t my momma Layla. She can’t tell me what to do. This white girl has nothing on us so why does she have to be worry about her? I’ma goin’ to put this dog back in the pound where she’s rightfully belongs and maybe I take that pretty little title, and put it around my perfect ghetto waist.

Sojo lowers her hands down to her waist, showing that she wants that title just like Lena, but she wasn’t going to disrespect the boss anyway. Right now it was time for Lena Yada to shine and get that title at the pay-per-view while the other two didn’t. Right now they didn’t know if they were schedule to face anyone at the pay-per-view, but no matter what, they would be there for their girl, Lena. Speaking of the boss, Lena Yada soon enters the locker room dressed in her wrestling attire as well, coming over near her allies and started a conversation with Sojo.

Look Sojo, tonight you need to take out Maria for me so I can have an easy victory when I just face poor little Ashley and Kelly at Unforgiven. Make sure she is out cold okay?

Don’t worry about it girl; I make sure she’s out for good. She better hope I don’t see her out of the arena after our match tonight because I will attack that cracka. I’ma goin’ to rip off her clothes, embarrassed her, and put her back in the cage where she’s belongs.

Lena Yada nodded her head, liking what Sojo would do to Maria tonight. Lena waved her hand to both Layla and Sojo as she made her way over to the door and exited out of the room. Sojourner looked over to Layla who was giving a death stare to her for some odd reason. Sojo eyes pops out for a second, wondering why Layla is giving her a death stare.

You’re not wearing black you hoho! Black is my color if you couldn’t tell and since I’m wearing black, you can’t wear it! Nobody can pull black off as moi. Now put on a different attire sweetie cause now it’s time for me to admire myself some more!

Sojo put her hands on the side of her hips when her eyes pop out like a mad ghetto woman. She let out a chuckle for a second, before responding back to Layla who was still admiring her self while Sojo was speaking in her “ghetto” voice.

Excuse me Layla? Black and gold is my thing alright? You’re not my momma so you can’t tell me what to do alright? I’ma gonna wear this tonight while cutting Maria open. Cut that pretty baribe looking face of hers and if you ever tell me what to do again, you better hope I don’t find you on the streets.

Layla turned her attention back over to Sojo who was maybe threatening her, Layla couldn’t really tell because she always thought Sojo was “special”. She looked into the mirror for a second than looked away from it, before she responded back to her hoho.

Sojo, I didn’t want to tell you this earlier, but I overheard Maria and Kelly saying your momma is fat and an huge hoho!

They did what girl!? Oh hell no! All hell is gonna break lose!! I’ma gonna snap, crackle, and pop their behind girlfriend! Where’s my knife at girl!? I got some cracka hoes to cut open.

Sojourner started throwing everything around the room furiously, furious at what Maria and Kelly said earlier. What she didn’t know, Layla was lying. She just didn’t want all the hate to be on her all of a sudden so she had to make up a quick lie and what a good lie it was. Layla tried to protect her mirror before the big hoho came over and shatters it into pieces.

Sojo, it’s in your wrestling boots. I put it in their just incase you needed it against Maria, wanting to cut her a little if you wanna.

She looked down at her boots, digging her hands in it, and pulls out a knife as she laughs evilly. She looked over to Layla with a vicious and psychotic look that only black girls can get.

Got some crack out whores to cut up1 See ya’.

Sojourner went over to the door, pulling on the door knob, and exits the room while shutting the door. Layla looked little concern on what’s going to happened to her once Sojourner finds out about her little lie. Oh well Layla thought. She turned back and looked at herself in the mirror as she begins to hear screams of both Kelly, Maria, and possibly the make-up artist, Jan. She laughs for couple of seconds as the scene begins to fade away to a black screen…

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Bryhana Cash
General Manager

PostSubject: Re: ready for a beautiful storm?   Sat Mar 21, 2009 9:01 pm


I am happy to say on behalf of the staff here at Collison Wrestling Federation, that you are accepted to...


Good luck here, post a debut, communication system and have fun. Good luck on your adventures.
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ready for a beautiful storm?
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