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 Evan Bourne

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PostSubject: Evan Bourne   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:27 pm

-Picture Apperance-
-Real Name- Matthew Joseph Korklan

-Ring Name- Evan Bourne

-Height- 5ft9

-Weight- 183 lbs

-Age- 26

-Hometown- St.Louis Missouri

-Billed From- Tampa,Florida

-Gimmick- happy go lucky highflyer-technical-showman with a need for
a speed who never crashes and burns, never taps out, never gets angry and
is always impressing the fans.

Babyface-no weapons or cheating(even in no dq. matches)

[!]Wrestling Information[!]

Air Bourne(carefully and flawlessely executed Shooting Star Press)
Cyloroma-belly to belly moonsalt slam off turnbuckle
1 diving double knee drop to standing opponent's chest
2. catapult dropkick(off turnbuckle) to seated opponent
3. Dragonrana
4.warm up arm drags
5. strikes-kicking combinations, enzuguri, jumping spinng sole kick, standing dropkick, running dropkick, running wheelkick, roundhouse kick.

-Theme Song- Born to Win

-Lighting- normal

-Entrance Descript--walks out to stage, smirks and raises arm does the
peace sign, then walks down the ramp, slapping hands of fans, slides into ring
and does taunt again

[!]Sample RolePlay[!]

. The arena is packed! Fans of all ages from children in Rey Mysterio masks
and Jeff Hardy arm bands to prepubescent boys in John Cena attire, reluctant girlfriends and soccer moms and sign holders galore all waiting for Evan Bourne's first main event headline against Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho stands in the center
of the 20 by 20 Raw ring.

" You parasites make me sick." Jericho mutters into the mic as defiant fans boo.

"All I ever hear these days in talk about this "Evan Bourne". He says over
the fans.

"All I ever hear about is the guys who get it easy Kofi Kingston, The Miz,
Rey Mysterio, all because of their flash.When I was young like these guys, I
busted my butt to get to main event status, now all you have to do is moonsalt
your way to the top, these guys don't try, these guys are WWE athletes, they're
frauds!" He continues as fans boo.

"Evan Bourne does not impress me....." Jericho begins.

"Force 12.7 get ready for take off." A pilots voice echoes from
the speakers as "Born To Win" begins to play. Fans begin cheering as
Evan Bourne walks out to the stage in a white t-shirt and bright red sweatpants with
white and black star designs, and white,red and black sneakers with a mic in hand.

"Oh yeah Jericho?" Evan says into the mic, he then takes his shirt off while a few
whistles and cat calls are heard, "Let's do this." Evan smirks, knowingly.

"I have only one question." Jericho informs him.

"Make my day." Bourne tells him.

"How can a 5ft9 tooth pick be so sure of himself."

Evan then he sprints down the ramp, slides into the ring, and gets in the face of
" Because I defy gravity." Evan tells him. They stare eachother down but Jericho
tries to hit him, Evan blocks the strike with a right elbow, tosses Jericho into the ropes, Jericho flings back but sidesteps Evan and puts his arms around his waist from behind and tries to one up him with a german suplex but Evan saves himself with a backflip, landing on his shoulders as Jericho turns around Bourne kips up
and ranas him for a pin bu Jericho grasps his ankles and slams him into the canvas
but Evan does a reverse somersault and connects a jawbreaker sending Jericho back. A smile rises on Bourne's face, he runs to the turnbuckle and climbs up, Jericho rolls back up, dives and slams both hands down on the top ring rope, dropping Bourne split legged on the turnbuckle. Jericho walks over and tosses Evan
foward with a slam into the canvas and goes for the cover but a kickout a 2!
Evan makes it to his feet and tries to enzuguri Jericho but Jericho grabs both legs
and brings him down with a Walls of Jericho. The ref asks Evan iof he wants
to throw in the towel but Evan winks knowingly, spins his upper body a bit then
pushes a foot into Jericho's chest knocking him on his back then rolls over with
a jackknife pin.
1! The ref counts as he slaps the canvas.
2! he shouts again
3! The final tap to the mat!
Evan rolls off of Jericho and out of the ring as his music hits and fans cheer.

[!]OOC Info[!]

-Name- Richard Dweck


-Country- America

-How Did You Hear About Us-[/center Topsite list
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Evan Bourne
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