C.W.F is a brand-new interactive e-fed that bases off of the RP/Promo system. Only one show at the moment, Full Force. You could pick male and female wrestlers variating from RAW, SmackDown, ECW, iMPACT, ROH & More! Also, Free Agents and CAWs are welcomed
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 Rules & Regulations

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Bryhana Cash
General Manager

PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:10 pm

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to CWF and I am happy that you have joined. Upon joining, I expect you to read this first hopefully. It would be clear to see that you didn't.

1. Please don't use Taken Characters, Themes or Picture Bases. Its a First-Come First-Serve basis here at CWF and if you really wan't somebody, get them first instead of complaining.

2. Yes we do accept CAWs. But the CAWs can't have wrestling related picture-bases and wrestling related themes. The exception to this is that you may use old themes and production themes. An example of this is your Female CAW using Kelly Kelly's former ECW music, Dont Stop, that is acceptable.

3. Please don't nag and bug people if you aren't on the card and if you didn't win. If you aren't on the card, simply post a RP for the Dark Match Battle Royals. You may either have no-showed recently, aren't in a storyline, just debuted or have recently been giving lack-luster RPs. Then if you didn't win, we have a team of RP Specialist. A BIG tip is Quality > Quanity.

4. As some feds expect an awesome and pwnage Sample RP for a big superstar, we do not. This is because we like to give everybody equal oppurtunites and that every wrestler starts in CWF as a beginner really. Even if you have say Randy Orton, somebody who plays Eric Escobar could be main eventing and carding higher than you. It's simply the RPs you give out.

5. Please do not pick dead superstars. This is out of respect and if you even attempt to pick somebody like Eddie or Chris, you will be banned immediately.

6. If we discover you have not been active (online) for 5 or more days (and are not on LOA), we have the right to delete your account or let somebody else take your character.

7. The maximum is TWO, typically one per brand if we have that many by then. Please wait time until using another character and we go 1 Female and 1 Male, so DON'T pick two of the same gender.. However, we suggest you only take one character and concentrate on them to make them successful. We have the right to strip characters.

8. Factions may not exceed 6 members (excluding non wrestling managers). Please also be aware that even though your faction may initially form in a general roleplays, they MUST formally form during a show results to be accepted properly. Contact your GM about this. The same principle goes for adding a new member or the dissolution of the faction. Please note that we have the right to deny factions such as nWo, DX, Evolution etc from forming. Originality can't kill somebody.

9. Advertising. Just don't do it without permission. All of our members and staff work extremely hard to build and maintain the fed you see before you today. If you are found to be advertising to our efed community (including through MSN or other messengers) you will immeditalely be banned.

10. You may only have 2 signatures that do not exceed 500 pixels wide or 200 pixels high. You may have up to 8 avatars/icons that are no more than the average sig size each. You may have a music player, but it must not be set to autoplay. You may also have as many drop down bars as necessary, but don't go mad. It is important to note your signature may NOT stretch the page because it is too wide. No youtube videos, you can have the little music bars though. No inappropriate quotes, bars etc.

11. Don't ask for a Staff spot. It moves you down lower on the rank for a Staff spot. If I know you personally from another website or see you are doing excellent, you may be considered.

12. You may not use other characters in your roleplay (excluding commentators, interviewers etc.) without permission from the appropriate handler. If you wish to use a Superstar or ex CAW that is no longer on the roster, you must receive permission from a member of the admin team.

13. Roleplays may not contain sexual or overly violent scenes and they must be posted on the forum. They must also not be littered with profanity (swearing). We advise that the scenes in your match roleplays are relevent. Be creative and build a story by all means, but "random" and "meaningless" scenes are frowned upon. Also be sure to colour and code your roleplays. We suggest doing one or two scenes for a RP. Not just a in ring promo with a few one liners.
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Rules & Regulations
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